Regardless of your company’s industry, pests are an unwelcome visitor. Especially in food re-lated businesses, the presence of pests or rodents could quickly close the doors of your business for violating state health requirements. Medical companies could endanger patients’ health if pests or rodents infiltrated the building. Beyond food and medicine, any company will have customers and employees who could be exposed to harmful germs and disease through the presence of pests. Our pest company does our job, so you can keep doing yours. John’s Pest Control provides a full range of commercial pest service including pest and rodent, termites, and mosquito control.

We believe in being prepared.

Before a customer enters your place of business, you have prepared your staff and your office to anticipate customers’ needs and ensure their satisfaction. Your pest control plan should be thought of the same way. Before pests become a pressing problem, have a plan for preventing their arrival in the first place. We offer free consultations where we can recommend a personalized plan to address your company’s specific needs.

We save you money and hassle.

Prevention is the most cost-efficient pest solution. If regular pest prevention is performed, your business will not be subjected to expensive and inconvenient repairs and exterminations later. Save your company the headache and expense of a surprise nuisance—contact John’s Pest Control to begin planning your preventative care.