Squirrels Cause House Fire in Peachtree City

Now that the weather is dropping the wildlife are really going to start coming indoors. Why is this bad? There are a lot of reasons but we would like to share one story that recently happened in Peachtree City. This story was original shared on the Citizen. Don’t delay getting squirrels removed from your home in Peachtree City.

“A late afternoon residential fire on Nov. 4 in Peachtree City resulted in moderate damage to the home but no injuries. The fire appeared to be caused by nesting material from squirrels that caught fire a short time after the homeowner lit a fire in the fireplace. Peachtree City Fire Department spokesman Ron Mundy said the homeowner on North Fairfield Drive near 5:30 p.m. lit a fire in the fireplace and approximately 30 minutes later heard a crackling noise coming from the attic.

He investigated the noise and found fire and smoke in the attic, Mundy said. Fire units responding to the residence found heavy fire involvement, Mundy said, adding that flames had broken through the roof.

While there were no injuries, Mundy said the home sustained moderate damage. Mundy said squirrels or other nesting animals got in the attic and built a nest around the chimney flue which, like 70-80 percent of those in Peachtree City, is factory-built using pre-fabricated, galvanized metal. The metal got hot enough from the flames in the fireplace to ignite the straw and other nesting materials. It was from there that the attic fire spread further into the attic and broke through the roof, Mundy said.

Mundy recommended several precautions homeowners should take prior to the beginning of each winter season.

Check the attic for any nesting activity, check the outside of the house for evidence of entry areas and have the chimney inspected annually by a qualified professional, he said.”