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TAP Installation

Aug 16, 2018 |

John’s Pest Control provides roof insulation services in Peachtree City. As a professional pest control company in Peachtree City we are able to offer TAP Insulation to our local customers who are wanting better roof insulation for their h...

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Now that the weather is dropping the wildlife are really going to start coming indoors. Why is this bad? There are a lot of reasons but we would like to share one story that recently happened in Peachtree City. This story was original shared on the Citizen. Don't delay getting squirrels removed from your home in Peachtree ...

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Ant Control

John’s Pest Control provides ant control in Peachtree City! If the anthills in your yard or are getting out of hand, or if you have them in your home, call us today! Some ants infest homes and especially kitchens because there are crumbs and exposed food. Others stay outside of the home but pose a threat in the yard as they bite and sting their prey. Continue reading this article to learn more ...